How could I ever forget

the day I first saw you

when our eyes had first met,

and I had first loved you.


I was lost in your eyes

as deep as the ocean,

as blue as the skies,

and I was lost in the notion

that you could be mine.


Your voice was precious gold.

Your laughter filled my heart.

You were fun, kind, cute, bold,

a perfect work of art.


You showed me how to truly live,

how to laugh, and how to cry,

and the whole world I would freely give

if I could have kept you by my side.


But I was just plain, dull weeds,

and you, beautiful flowers.

She meant the world to me,

but I wasn’t even on hers.


I was hopelessly in love,

but to her we were just friends

until that white, pretty dove

put all this to an end.


I will never forget her,

but she forgot my name.

And I am sadly sure

that her life is just the same.


How innocent you were

and how naïve I was

to have ever believed

in a love between us.


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