alexander told me a joke

alexander wore a smile that cried at night

the whites of his teeth flashed

like the gunshot in his mind

not as brightly though

his eyes creased back as the punchline came

He laughed.

and a voice hoarse and worn from marlboros jack daniels and tears rang out

alexander frowned

and drifted down

to the rest of us.


Ships Don’t Sail in Harbors

I rose to my feet and stared out to sea –

wondering where the sea might take me.

Not a ship, not a shore, not an island could I find.

Only ocean lay before me. Empty sand lay behind.

I could not stay, but I could not leave.

Do I risk my life and die, or risk my dream and grieve?

The waves caressed my feet as I took the steps towards sea.

The sun beat down upon me as I looked back upon the beach.

And so I left behind my home in search of something new

as I fought against the tides to find my way to you.


How could I ever forget

the day I first saw you

when our eyes had first met,

and I had first loved you.


I was lost in your eyes

as deep as the ocean,

as blue as the skies,

and I was lost in the notion

that you could be mine.


Your voice was precious gold.

Your laughter filled my heart.

You were fun, kind, cute, bold,

a perfect work of art.


You showed me how to truly live,

how to laugh, and how to cry,

and the whole world I would freely give

if I could have kept you by my side.


But I was just plain, dull weeds,

and you, beautiful flowers.

She meant the world to me,

but I wasn’t even on hers.


I was hopelessly in love,

but to her we were just friends

until that white, pretty dove

put all this to an end.


I will never forget her,

but she forgot my name.

And I am sadly sure

that her life is just the same.


How innocent you were

and how naïve I was

to have ever believed

in a love between us.